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We have experiences in organizing exhibition trip, handling a big group of tours,
co-operate clients traveling and had a good relationship with more than 30 airlines worldwide.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HYDRAMAS TRAVEL & TOURS Sdn Bhd, Malaysia establish on 24 March 1997 whereby register under Ministry of Tourism as a travel agency to operate inbound, outbound and ticketing throughout Malaysia. Since our establishment in March 1997, we have continually provided high quality and reliable travel package to meet customers needs.

Our vision has driven us to achieve the impossible dream by our young and excited employee in the coming years. The combination of young and experience knowledge in the tourism industry, we had the perfect team to make our vision success. 

Bring satisfying and joyful travel experiences to customers through exciting journey and opportunities of varies culture exchanges based on 17 years of customer serving to enhance their quality of life.

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Tokyo, Japan

HYDRAMAS JAPAN Co., Ltd establish on 14 Feb 2018 and our new first international office at Tokyo, Japan operate as license tour operator. Beside that, Japan office also operate as sales and marketing office and handling event as well as government of Malaysia travel assist.

Since Government of Malaysia is our main client, we extend our services to Japan for planning and assist Government officers especially such as Tokyo 2020 Olympic, research, exhibition mission and official work visit here in Tokyo, Japan.

We aim to create our own Malaysia Festival in Tokyo, Japan for next five years.

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Malaysia's Leading Travel Agency 5 times in a row 2017-2021 World Travel Awards


Our Story

We are Malaysia’s Leading Travel Agency and excited about bringing the best transit vacation for your leisure group and company trip.

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