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Rediscover Malaysia

Explore Malaysia and surroundings have different style of trip or learning more about Malaysia

Malaysia boasts a multitude of fascinating destinations to explore and Hydramas is presenting an array of travel products for your family, friend and corporate companies around the world.

The concept of a transit vacation aims to enhance the flexibility and reduce the exhaustion of your exploration of Malaysia.

Explore three exciting journey in a remarkable 14-day adventure at Malaysia’s most destination include Borneo.

We have handpicked the finest island and beach in Malaysia where you can also enjoy a comprehensive diving course, PADI

ETC have three core elements which is enhancing English language, embarking on excursions, and exploring Malaysia culture

Two days event promoting Malaysia in Tokyo,Japan. Malaysia Festival Tokyo’s debut event starts global series.

Creating a travel pass for tourists visiting Malaysia for either 7 or 14 days of travel via both buses and trains.

Reimagine Saudi

Discover a variety of places in and around Saudi Arabia, including opportunities for performing Umrah.

The stunning country of Saudi Arabia offers numerous captivating locations to discover, and Hydramas has unveiled fresh travel offerings for an enriching experience in Saudi Arabia.

Embark on a 20-day journey to Saudi Arabia to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage and explore the various attractions within the country.

Engage in short-term education programs in Saudi Arabia to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of their cultural traditions and Islamic practices.

Uncover Japan

Explore a multitude of locales in and around Japan, comprising options like lodging with locals and diverse encounters.

Japan, a breathtaking destination, has a plethora of mesmerizing places to explore in winter. Hydramas has recently introduced innovative travel options to provide travelers with a fulfilling experience in Japan.

Hydramas has the expertise to craft an exceptional itinerary for your travel to Japan. Go ahead and discover on your own.

Explore Japanese way of life with homestay experience and have fun in the winter season by indulging in snow activities.

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