Venture New Business

In travel industry, there still a lot of opportunity and new business wings that we think can be independent in the future. 

Vision 2030

We will be a great company.

Vision 2030 is the main goal to achieve from now where we believe that our company alongside our new venture business will thrive towards 2023. 

This is a new concept of business idea is separate into in house and partnership development


Towards 2030

In house development such as charter with driver business (CharterPlus) is currently in the stage of research and collecting data thru booking request by travel customer or company. The data will be important to us to measure the success of each projects and if success we will make this development into independent company to grow more in the future

Below is our In house development project


With personal driver using Malaysia National Car

One of our example is partnership with as we try to test how technology can change the travel industry in Malaysia. We’re still in try and error phase and the future is to build flight app using as technology partner for Malaysians. 

Below is our result so far. You can click which airlines you want to test the result and search your flight details. 

Have an idea?

Why not tell more about it

If you have an idea for new business to tell us or want to partner with us to create new value business either it small or big companies, you can contact us below. We love to hear from you. 

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We are Malaysia’s Leading Travel Agency and excited about bringing the best travel vacation experience for your travel endeavor.

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