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We offer an Internship program to all student in Malaysia including learning course as part of incentive towards our community. If there is any student want to start up business during internship program, this is the place for you.


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As one of travel agency in Malaysia, we take on young talent from various college and university across Malaysia for our internship program call Junior Associate Program. Aside from helping you understand the Organization’s mandate, programmes, and main thrusts, it also enhances your academic knowledge with relevant work assignments that can help you prepare for your future career.

What Our Alumni Say

  • The best place to learn about travel and tourism. We get to experience real world operation closely. Travel, work and learn.

    Safwan Suhaimi
    MARA University of Technology
  • I like the business. Here they teach yours on management and task that create operation. That why I learn so much during my time there as intern. One day, I will run business like them in the future.

    Azfar Afif
    University of Malaya
  • Our final year report about tourism full with responsible and task that we believe is good to learn for preparation before entering the real jobs.

    Nurul Syafikaq
    KPTM College
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